When you order a new cloud hosting account, it needs some time for the transaction to be processed, the account to be set up and then activated. As advanced as the process can be, a human factor is invariably involved - your financial transaction may be inspected manually or the account could need some technological time to be created by a live individual. This is usually the case with resellers and it is common to wait for hours, sometimes even for several days. Instead of working on your websites, you waste time waiting around for someone to process your order. Sometimes, providers even wait for a number of orders to gather in their system queue before they process them in bulk, while you can do nothing else but wait for them.

Instant Account Activation in Cloud Hosting

When you buy a cloud hosting plan from our company, you'll not need to wait because your new account will be activated immediately. In just a couple of minutes we will set everything up and we'll send you the account login info, to enable you to start working on your sites straight away. If you buy a domain together with the hosting plan, it will also be accessible online minutes after your order, so if your website is ready and you currently have the files on your personal computer, you can just upload them. If you pick any of our cost free script-driven applications to be pre-installed during the hosting account’s setup, it will also be ready to use with no delay and since we are available at all times, you can buy a brand new account even during holidays and get it activated immediately.

Instant Account Activation in Semi-dedicated Servers

Our semi-dedicated server accounts are set up and activated shortly after they are ordered. You'll receive the hosting CP login details instantly, so you’ll be able to start working on your web site or upload any content which you may currently have ready on your computer. If you would like to use one of the free script apps we provide and you’ve chosen it on the order page, you will have it installed and ready within a couple of minutes as well and you'll be able to log in to the back office straight away. The script admin area info is going to be sent with the account Welcome e-mail. If you obtain a semi-dedicated server plan from our company, you'll never have to wait around and you'll not lose valuable time as we work 24/7, which includes weekends and holidays.